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In short

I began my career as web designer and my skill set was enriched for many years. Now I have more than nineteen years of experience as a graphic designer. I’m a designer producing both public and private work for companies such as Nakamichi Corporation, Beeline, World Bank, FINCA Bank, KazKom Bank, Precise Petroleum, Alfa-Telecom, Saima-Telecom and much more.


I believe that good design starts with a good idea. It should be executed in a simple, functional manner without gimmicks or superfluous details. It should be memorable. It should be thought provoking. It should deliver a clear point of view.


Since 1997 I have been working for businesses in a variety of industries, designing and developing a wide range of services such as brand identity systems, print collaterals, interactive presentations, websites development and other alternative services. For my crew, building and designing a website starts with strategy and branding efforts, incorporates creative thinking and design initiatives, and ends in development of html, web-animation, databasing and content management tools. Animation
Art Direction
Custom Photography
CMS Development
Database Development
Graphic Design
HTML5 Animation
Interactive Presentations
Market Research
Print Collateral
Usability Testing
UX/UI Design
Website Development

Contact information

Feel free to contact me.

  • WhatsApp, Telegram: +996 550 16-44-04
  • E-mail:

ЗАО Демир Кыргыз Интернешнл Банк

ОсОО «Абдыш-Ата»

ЗАО «Saima-Telecom»

ЗАО «Альфа Телеком»


ОсОО «Актел»

ОАО «Кыргызтелеком»

The World Bank

ЗАО «Джеруй Алтын»

ОАО «Кыргызтелеком»

Since 1997, more than 120 companies have entrusted me to develop over 500 projects.

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